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August Monthly Special

Hot Oil Treatment

This month’s product is not Just Oil’s first product but it is what we consider to be our foundational product. I sometimes refer to our hot Oil Treatment as “Liquid Gold”. It is golden because 

of how it makes your hair and even your skin feel! It

conditions dry, damaged or

overworked hair and scalp to a luxurious soft feel and shine. Made with a combination of plant based oils that add and retain the moisture you need. This month you get to sample our Moisturizing Black Soap Shampoo when you purchase a large Hot Oil Treatment. This shampoo gives you the cleaning power you need and moisture you deserve. You hair and scalp will feel refreshed and revitalized.

For the month of July

when you buy a Large Hot Oil Treatment you will also receive a free 2oz bottle of our Moisturizing Black Soap Shampoo

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June 6.jpg



Better Than Lotion Body Oil(New!)

Better Than Lotion Body Oil

Better than Lotion Body Oil

The Better than Lotion Body Oil is our newest All Natural creation. Best used after a nice relaxing bath or shower, our Better than Lotion Body Oil is designed to lock in hydration and give you the soft kissable skin you've been after for

so long. The added benefits of Peppermint and Orange essential oils help you to energize and invigorate for a great start to a full day of Loving Yourself Naturally. 


Better than Lotion Body Oil

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