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  • What should you use for dry, sensitive flaky scalp?
    You need hair products that are moisturizing yet cleansing without drying. Just Oils' Moisturizing Black Soap Shampoo and Scalp Oil provides just the right solution.
  • What causes dry, flaky scalp?
    We naturally produce the oils needed to moisturize our hair, it’s called sebum. We either don’t produce enough (dry scalp) or amongst our activities, the products we use, and the environment, our hair gets stripped of the oils needed to keep our scalp and hair moisturized thus making it dry and brittle. Flakes come when we overproduce the oil needed and it combines with dead skin cells.
  • Should you shampoo or condition your hair first?
    We believe in shampooing your hair first. You want to start with a clean hair and scalp. To maintain the moisture, use Just Oils’ Moisturizing Black Soap Shampoo. It has added oils to reduce your hair being stripped of its natural oils. Follow up with Just Oils’ Conditioning Custard to seal in the hydration, adding softness that makes managing your hair easier.
  • What are the best products for natural hair?
    There are two important things your natural hair needs, to be hydrated and moisturized. The best products help produce both without compromising your hair health and adding unnecessary ingredients that contributes to build up.
  • How do you prevent split ends and hair breakage?
    Split ends and hair breakage is a result of hair that is not properly hydrated and moisturized. To incorporate both at the root level, use Just Oils’ Hot Oil Treatment. Its natural living oils lock in hydration, moisturizing each hair strand and conditioning the scalp.
  • What does hair conditioner do?
    Hair conditioner is mostly a cream designed to soften, hydrate and replenish your hair making it easier to detangle and comb. It also lessens the likelihood of frizz and static. Just Oils’ Conditioning Custard is wonderful on all hair types.
  • How is the Just Oils' Scalp Oil a good face moisturizer?
    Just Oils’ Scalp Oil contain natural living oils, that is light and absorbing, with vitamins and good fats to nourish your skin as it seals in hydration. The added essential oils contain natural anti fungal and anti bacterial properties to fight against breakouts. Rub 2-3 drops in your hands and spread on your face after a fresh wash.
  • What does body oil do for the skin?
    Body oil is designed to moisturize, lock hydration in your skin. Just Oils’ Better Than Lotion Body Oil does that with natural living oils that add vitamins and healthy fats that also conditions, soften and help rejuvenate new skin cells.
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