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SHARON DUGGER is the CEO of Just Oil Hair & Body Solutions, LLC, an all-natural beauty company based in Dayton, Ohio, that specializes in organic hair, skin and body care for women, men and children.


Founded in 2013, Just Oil Hair & Body Solutions products are all handmade and contain healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals,  designed to moisturize and soften hair while enhancing its natural shine as well as the glow of skin.


Made with all-natural ingredients and oils of life-giving plants, Sharon’s products are an extension of her own journey towards healing and wellness. Prior to establishing her company, Sharon had severe head and scalp issues that she tried addressing with a variety of hair lotions and oils. Through research, Sharon discovered her issues were linked to improper moisture retention, hydration, nourishment and the overuse of toxic chemicals.


As the author of The Natural Hair Journey in Steps: A Guide to Going Natural, Sharon believes that “when you love yourself, you give yourself the best” and enjoys sharing this message at trade shows and events. With a Bachelor's Degree in Human Resources Management, Sharon stepped out on faith to successfully launch life-changing products for women across the country.

Sharon Dugger
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