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Our Hair Restoration Bundle is a comprehensive solution to revive your hair's natural vitality. Formulated with nourishing natural ingredients, this bundle is designed to combat the damaging effects of environmental factors and harsh hair products. It effectively restores moisture, strength, and shine to your hair, while reducing flaking, brittleness, frizz, and split ends. With regular use, your hair will look and feel healthier, fuller, and more vibrant than ever before. Say goodbye to bad hair days and hello to beautiful, healthy hair with our Hair Restoration Bundle for dry brittle hair.


Note: Lock'd -n- Loaded or Twist  -n- Shout  can be substituted for the Hydrating Hair lotion

Hair Restoration for dry brittle hair

    • Because our products are made from natural oils and ingredients, it is important to store them properly.
    • All products can be safely stored at room temperature.
    • Exposure to temperatures too high (melting) or too low (freezing) can cause a breakdown in composition therefore leading to spoilage. No other measures should be required.
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